Quant group raises $73million in round C series

China’s SIGC has led a 73 million US Dollars series C round in a Quant group, Fosun

capital guosen Hongsheng Investment Company and many other undisclosed

investors have also participated in this round. The managing director at Sunshine

Insurance Zhang Ling said that ‘we will lend a hand with the Quant group on

credit guarantees for insurance products’. The Quant group has raised an

undisclosed amount series A funding round from banyan capital, Grow Capital,

and Fosun Kinzon capital. It also has raised a series B round from Zhixin capital,

Oriental fortune Capital and much more.

Future plans

The Quant group is foremost investments banks in Thailand and has channeled

the strengths and delivered optimal results in many transactions such as

acquisitions, buyouts, the clients of Quant group are many and will expand in

future as their priority is to offer investment solutions meet short and long term

objectives of the clients.

About Quant group

Quant group offers financial services and auctions, cross-border deals,

divestments, joint ventures and strategic alliance, it also provides industry

dynamics analysis, governance, and control issue identification and acquisition

financing too. The Quant group was founded in 1998 by Pakpoom with an aim of

building a financial institution and laying strong foundations. It is one of the

leading investment banks in Thailand. The essence of its success is in the passion

of excellence. It offers online financial services including credit-based

consumption. The quant group also offers its clients feasibility study, industry

analysis, valuation exercise advisory services and corporate strategy review. Its

main clients include Bang Chak Petroleum, Thaioil Ethanol and Carrefour.

Source: www.bloomberg.com

Quant group raises $73million in round C series
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