Stripe- the US firm founded by two brothers now worth more than $ 9 billion

Stripe has almost doubled its valuation round to 9 billion dollars after new 150

million dollars funding round. The round was led by Alphabet’s venture capital

firm capital all along with existing investor General Catalyst and previous investor

Sequoia capital also had the participation in it. The latest round fetch stripe’s

funding to 460 million dollars. Investors are betting that stripe could be a major

rival to existing payments giant that is PayPal but the company has increasingly

partnered with fortune 500 for its payments. The company will utilize new

funding to create more tools for the business expansion and tools for customers

for international expansion and also for acquisitions or investments.

Future plans

Stripe will use the money for more products and will invest in or acquire other

useful companies and which will definitely benefit stripe by expanding into new

and innovative markets. The company will also intend to expand the platform into

many areas such as fraud prevention and company incorporation. Stripe will also

offer its customers the prevention product and a toolkit named as stripe atlas that

assists entrepreneurs globally in registering their new businesses with US bank

account. Although stripe has made a large expansion through various products

and the company prolong to craft money by arraigning fees on all transactions.

About Stripe

Stripe was found in 2011 and is a payment platform which is increasingly

popular among all the startup’s businesses like Kickstarter and deliveroo. Many

large companies are also moving towards stripe some companies include Adidas,

medium, the daily mail, SAP and both the presidential customers are stripe’s

customers. Co-founders of a stripe are now the world’s youngest billionaires after

the company announced a new round of funding that valued the company at 9.2

billion dollars.

Source: www.businessinsider.in

Stripe- the US firm founded by two brothers now worth more than $ 9 billion
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