Affordplan raises 3 million US dollars to construct healthcare affordable by planning out smartly

Affordplan a startup catering to healthcare industry has declared that it raised INR

20 crore i.e. 3 million US dollars in series A round of funding which is led by prime

Venture partners with participation from Kalaari Capital. The startup had raised 3

million US dollars when selected as part of foremost incubator batch of Kstart in

early 2016.according to the report the company remains a key area for all

investors who are seeking for high-quality deals.

Future plans

Affordplan will improve access and affordability to the medical services for its

patients and will utilize these funds to spread out the current team, will build the

network and scale the business to various new cities. They will also provide many

other inventive solutions for non-emergency procedures which will be planned in

advances such as dental, pregnancy, plastic surgeries and much more. CEO and

co-founder of Affordplan said that ‘Our goal is to build the best tech led

healthcare payments platform in India and operational expertise of our top tier

investors that are Prime Ventures and Kalaari Capital.

About Affordplan

Rising from an intention to facilitate affordability to millions and millions of ailing

commoners, affordplan offers tailored financial planning solutions that permit

people to plan save and pay for their medical expenses beforehand accordingly.

The pre-planned processes like dentistry to chronic or exhaustive situations like

cardiac care or any other Affordplan is relieved to branch out the range of many

medical treatments. Affordplan is founded in December previous year by Hemal

Bhatt and Tejbir Singh and totally focus on making healthcare easy to get to and

reasonably priced through planned savings for nonemergency medical services. It

permits hospitals to offer a tailored solution for the patients.

Source: www.hindubusinessline.com

Affordplan raises 3 million US dollars to construct healthcare affordable by planning out smartly
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