GameChanger app has being acquired by Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Team Sports HQ has additional other digital tool in to its lineup. By acquiring

GameChanger, the quick recording iOS app’s parent business. In the course of the

since -unrevealed expressions of the acquisition, GameChanger Media, enlarge its

donations to take in more platforms and sports.

GameChanger Media has already raised $10.63 million in its pre-acquisition for their

operations and functioning.

Dick’s have always continuously been growing its existence in the field of sporting

related apps, in recent times flattering as “the suggested technology supplier” for the US

Little League Softball and Baseball association, encircling a total count of 3.4 million

active and possible users. This helped to positions in the same estimated platform as

SportsEngine which is being owned by NBC Sports Group, loaded with around 5 million

potential users.

Along with the early gaining of Blue Sombrero and affinity Sports, GameChanger deal was

also on the same path. Other than online sports management technology, which was

also in attention of Blue Sombrero & Affinity Sports, Dick’s is chasing into social media

and e-commerce options to gather more number of players, staff & fans to use, being a part

of their services.

The impression was always to develop its own stages as all-in- one halts for continuous

monitoring of managing player resources, scores, provide for fans with statistics and

relevant data, pushing out unusual advertising or campaign, and supporting managers’

effort through the logistics of supplying and upholding a team.

The shifting of a company towards digital may help its plan a more justifiable long-term

approach, as per Forbes. Dick’s has survived numerous of it is on one occasion difficult

or tough competitors, like Sports Authority who is now-bankrupt.

GameChanger app has being acquired by Dick’s Sporting Goods
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