$200 Million funded by Starburst venture for starting space tech

Starburst venture, a newly formed venture which has raised $200 million fund

investment at its early stage towards aerospace start-up for coming 3 years.

The funding is basically an extension of Starburst Accelerator, the company was

established in 2012 for helping aerospace & aviation technology start-ups for increasing

the number of investors. Company initial big deal with the business customer was $1

million or more in returns.

In the current scenario, Space technology is at the same location when biotech was

there around 15 years back, in terms of potential for beginners to flourish, said Chopard.

Francois Chopard, founder and CEO of Starburst Accelerator stated to TechCrunch that

the new investments will be invested to back around 35 new start-ups in next 3 years.

During the stage of series A, they will approve $3 million to $5 million with some reserve

capital for bigger follow-on rounds as well.

More industrialists and engineers are being attracted towards aviation & aerospace and

aviation, is what Chopard believes. They’re encouraged by establishments like SpaceX,

which was carefully chosen by NASA in 2014 to contribute to the U.S. Human

Spaceflight Program, and resourcefulness like Facebook Connectivity, which intentions

to beam the internet to people from the sky.

On another hand, mandatory leaders in aviation and aerospace have stopped trusting

their inner teams especially for any research work or development, Chopard said.

Anchor Partner of Starburst Venture is Leonie Hill Capital from Singapore, they were

first to raise fund for the company. As family deposit’s association, one partner of

Leonie Hill Capital’s partners will become an associate of the investment team for

Starburst Ventures in Singapore branch, Chopard said.

San Francisco being the headquarters of Starburst Ventures, but the secure and

accelerator will continue to manner accelerator and capitalizing activities from Paris,

Singapore, Munich and other cities globally.

$200 Million funded by Starburst venture for starting space tech
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