Civis analytics raises 22 million dollars in Series A funding round

The Chicago-based data science company founded by analytics officer of

President Obama’s campaign in 2012 has raised 22 million dollars in series A

funding round. The round was led by Columbus Based Drive Capital whose focus is

on investing in Midwestern companies. Other investors who participated in the

series A round are Verizon ventures, Eric Schmidt Nad WPP which is a leading

advertising corporation. This is the foremost outside funding of Civis Company

since it raised undisclosed amount previously in 2013 from Schmidt.

Future plans

As per the Wagner, the company has decided to seize the new funds to auxiliary

construct the staff and invest in mounting products that will assist Civis clients to

resolve business problems using data science techniques and tools. Wagner also

plans to hire more software engineers and many other data scientists in the

subsequent year. Civis currently more focused on empowering companies to

undertake data problems by themselves as it had toiled with mottled groups of


About Civis

Civis analytics is a company founded in 2013 by Dan Wagner; this company

creates technologies that sanction organizations to unchain the truth hiding in

their own data. Civis build cloud-based products to assist organizations to do data

science easier and better. The company’s history is rooted in a political campaign

and now partnering with intelligent organizations in media, healthcare,

education, and many other ranges of other spheres. This company helps

companies to build stronger, make better decisions and big data-driven

organizations. The strongest part of civis is the strong overall team and is a very

result driven company.Civis is now partnering with powerful organizations and

also building cloud-based products to boost data science in the much better way.

Source: www.builtinchicago.org

Civis analytics raises 22 million dollars in Series A funding round
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