Clue funded by $20 million and led the round by NGP at 2016 Slush

“Connected Health: How Digital Healthcare Empowers Individuals?” was one of the

thrilling news which was heard during the session in the panel. Nokia Corporation

chairman, Risto Siilasmaa, Managing partner of NGP, Bo Ilsoe, Recode’s senior editor,

Ina Fried, Lifesum’s COO, Marcus Gners, co-founder & CEO of Clue, Ida Tin shared

the same stage.

The new capitals will be capitalized into the development of ongoing app under

development by Clue, providing its worldwide dynamic customers & users background

of additional than 5 million smarter women with in-depth visions in their menstrual well-

being. The savings will also be utilized for expansion of the team which is based in

Berlin, and speed up their development in the US, as its primary market of Clue’s,

where more than 1 million live users. With the backing of NGP’s international network,

the finance will also benefit them to develop Clue’s existence in other marketplaces

around the globe.

Clue’s newest raising its funds in round takings total finance interested in the company,

approx. $30 million which launched in 2013. The savings indications a tilting opinion for

the developing Femtech marketplace of commerce addressing feminine health

requirements through technology.

“I sense as powerfully as always that Clue’s assignment is to aim for women health and

its improvement at the topmost of the international programme,” said Clue’s CEO and

co-founder Ida Tin who was born in Danish “and I am excited to work along with a

respected circle of stakeholders who view our vision. Healthcare is already started

developing towards digital, just observe on the 60% of smartphone customers in the US

using the devices for managing their health. Female health is also being pulled by this.

And when you think through that much more than half of the world’s people is feminine,

you will understand how huge the market would-be and opening for Femtech firms is to

actually make an impression.”

In 2016, Clue stayed elected the top allowed menstrual tracking app in a released study

by the journal Gynecology & Obstetrics, The Europas Startup Conference and Awards

as Best Health Startup, app “Editors’ Choice”in Google Play Store and is presently

holding as the #1 female health app in the US for iOS.

Clue funded by $20 million and led the round by NGP at 2016 Slush
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