DS365 Tech leading funding by Everbright by $102 million

Everbright ReinFore, a secluded equity entity beneath Everbright Financial Holding

Asset Management, takes led of US$102 million(RMB 700 million) in series B capital

round in DS365 Technology, a suitability store resource sequence service supplier in


A Chinese financial services supplier, China UCF Group Co., Ltd. also join in the round.

Series A round of the company got completed with the US $25 million (RMB 170 million)

from four different companies & investors from China in February 2016.

“DS365 is the top B2B platform we understand in the segment,” said Xu Fang,

Everbright ReinFore one of the managing partners of the company. “We financed in the

business for the reason that we are positive about its corporate model, execution &

team capabilities”.

Being established in the year 2014, DS365 is the Beijing-based company which delivers

resource chain management for quick movement of consumer products, platforms for

executing transactions & logistics related services to community & suitability stores or


Since October 2016, DS365, which practices over the Chinese name Dianshang Hulian,

work for more than 3,00,000 suitability stores across 17 cities including Shenzhen,

Beijing, Hangzhou & Guangzhou.

Established in 2013, Everbright ReinFore achieves around US$500 million across

numerous RMB & U.S. dollar funds. The account financed this time by means of its

China Opportunity Fund, a growing investment provider to Chinese innovation.

DS365 Tech leading funding by Everbright by $102 million
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