Booz Allen acquired Aquilent in 250 million dollars

“Amalgamation with a firm like Booz Allen offers the opportunity to spend into

new and inventive areas of digital work and also expand capabilities for the

customers by the breath of relationships” Fout said. He also told that we look

forward to operating altogether to hold up existing and future clients.

Booz has acquired Aquilent recently which is a firm that has designed more than

hundred websites for federal agencies in 250 million dollars. As per the deal

Aquilent will become a fully owned subsidiary of Booz Allen and will expand to

provide more technology services. As per vice president of Booz Allen Greg

Wenzel, clients” we have worked with clients on very hard problems to put plan

and strategy in place”. Booz Allen is a leading and known body for business

management and consulting services surrounded by government agencies, non-

profit organizations, and five hundred fortune companies. A company release said

the holding off will add close to 35 million dollars to the company’s annual returns

and will start adding to the company’s operating margins in the last quarter of

next year.

Aquilent who deals in bringing valuable expertise and technology to Booz Allen

growth by growing digital services and will keep its name early but eventually

transition into a core within Booz ‘digital solution networks. Under a long-term

development strategy known as vision 2020, Booz has been among its clients by

acquiring smaller firms that are particular in engineering, analytics, digital services

and cyber. The recent move is an effort to capitalize the changes in the way

government stores information in which novel and inventive capabilities like fast

paced agile software and cloud computing have reinvented the business of

information technology.

Booz has acquired SPARC in 2015; it is Technology Company in Charleston. The

firm obtains Boston-based health firm Epidemic also in 2014.

Source: www.wtop.com

Booz Allen acquired Aquilent in 250 million dollars
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