CA technology acquired automic for 600 million Euros to add newly enabled automation

CA technologies have recently announced the agreement to acquire Automic

Holdings which is ahead in business automation software that coerces spirited

advantage by automating IT and business processes. The transaction has been

valued at 600 million Euros net cash with the acquisition CA will add new cloud-

enabled automation capabilities across the portfolio and will definitely increase

its reach in the European market. Mutually CA and automic will offer its

customers a global solution that harmonizes their existing technology

investments to address the confronts of automation across the enterprise.

“Global businesses necessitate the litheness and dexterity to move workloads to

the most suitable locations across heterogeneous hybrid cloud surroundings with

continuous availability to hang about ahead of their competition, “said by chief

product officer and President Ayman Sayed.

CA will add Automic capabilities to its assortment and offer its customers chance

that addresses their IT operations I the cloud and hybrid cloud milieu.

“By way of the acquirement, a company will reciprocally deliver automation, business

progression, and workflow by reducing costs and humanizing accuracy, and this

level of automation will offer the customers the insights to accomplish more

agility and realize business worth and so we are delighted to welcome Atomic, “

said by Mr. Ayman Sayed. As CA totally focuses on performance and high quality

but is weak in automation and this gap will be filled by Automic as it will add

degree of automation across the software lifecycle.

“We will offer end to end plinth of automation”, commit by Ayman Sayed. As Automic is very powerful in

digital transformation and it will allow the company to change with absolute

confidence. This grouping will provide CA a solid DevOps starting for both

developers and operations audiences, especially for existing technology


Source: www.devops.com

CA technology acquired automic for 600 million Euros to add newly enabled automation
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