Software AG acquired Zementis for precise business

Software AG has acquired Zementis which is a provider of deep learning software

and is an input aptitude in machine learning, data science and also a basic

technology pouring the enlargement of artificial intelligence. The company

considers the current machine learning as the basis for next generation of IoT

applications which includes personal digital assistants, medical diagnosis, self-

driving cars and predictive maintenance and robotics. Software AG has embedded

Zemetics into a digital business podium to provide an enterprise with many

insights for real-time business analytics. This combo delivers precise business and

technical insights into client’s behavior, security risks, sensor information and

market dynamics. This joint venture is based on integrating digital sensors, and

predicting maintenance requirements which will enhance automated decisions

based on machine learning r any other data-heavy use case.

The statement said by CEO of software AG’ the blow of internet of things on

business, industry, and society will dwarf everything which we all have

experienced via technology till now. It is a unique business insight which can be

provided by combining predictive analytics, steaming analytics and machine

learning also’. This combination has played the main role in the current strategic

loT joint venture that software AG has launched.

“Zementis was established with an aim of delivering true interoperability for AI

,permitting machine learning and predictive models to speedily move from

expansion to exploitation permitting data-centric corporations to easily

incorporate AI into routine operations” said CEO of zementis . The open standards

of Software AG empower customers to supervise heterogeneous IT architectures

and completely compliment the vendor neutral AI capabilities that company’s

solution delivers.

Software AG provides the end to end digital business podium based on open

standards with incorporation, real-time analytics and enterprise architecture

management as powerful building base. This modular podium permits users to

develop the next generation of application systems to construct their digital


Source: www.pymnts.com

Software AG acquired Zementis for precise business
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