Zero Latency raises 7 million dollars

‘This is valuable for us as it is a global demonstration where we communicated

with people and so it is a huge deal and about ninety percent of people are buyers

and we got approval ratings and which is fantastic’, said Ruse, founder and chief

executive of zero latency.

Zero latency is a Melbourne technology firm and has raised 7 million dollars in

funding round backed by Alex Waislitz’s Zthorney investment Group, Regal Funds

Management, and asset Management. This raising is conducted via bell potter

who was backed by Venture investor and advisory firm which is Sydney based

Carthona Capital. It will be utilized for further expansion of Zero latency’s virtual

reality game assortment. In the previous year, global computing giant Dell linked with

Melbourne firm to commence what is claimed and was world’s largest virtual

reality free game attraction in the warehouse in city’s internal northern suburbs.

The company is using the technology of Alienware whose products are tailor

made for gaming and paramount around the world for it’s themed design

which is based on science fiction.

Carthona capital partner, Dean Dorrell the investor of Zero Latency since angel investment podium was

keen to increase his firm’s investment, as future and imminent growth potential is very

high and bright.

Ruse said that ‘business is doing very well and fantastic and there is no immediate

requirement of more cash but this transaction has done to fuel the company’s

growth’. Last year company received a major boost up and had won people’s

choice award at annual international association IAAPA in Florida. It is best

known for a game but has also developed an exploratory mystery game and also a

puzzle based game too which helped to get this prestigious award.

Source: www.blooloop.com

Zero Latency raises 7 million dollars
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