Zhubaijia funds $78M to imitate Airbnb in China 6 weeks after a $30M round

According to reporter of China Travel News in an interview with the Zhubaijia COO Xin Zou the

Overseas short-term rental platform Zhubaijia has recently announced it funds which amount

up to approx: US$31.3 million in its B Series financing round.

The Shenzhen based Zhubaijia founded in 2012 mainly focuses on the Chinese tourists who

travel overseas and with short term rentals in millions of obtainable home rentals and in 60

countries. The rental market in China has been heating up to a great extent and with the Airbnb

signing up in August among Sequoia China and the China Broadband capital as intentional

partners to assist it capture the enormous prospective of the outbound market in China.

In August this year the Zhubaijia has also funded $78 million not being content with the

trousering of a $20 million series. The main goal of the latest backers of the website set up is to

provide the Chinese travelers with information regarding overseas property rentals. The

information is specially provided by the HNA Tourism group which is the travel wing of the giant

HNA group.

The Zhubaijia, China an online booking for rental apartments has at last entered in to the New

Third Board of China. According to the media it has also become the first company in the

category of sharing economy list in China. The company makes no endeavor to hide from

view which company it is seeking to label as well as replicate as brand at the centre of its most

recent deal as an overseas housing rental site for tourist analogous to Airbnb. The Zhubaijia

claims to its properties listed in more than 60 countries outside China and the company already

has a noteworthy presence in aviation, cruise agencies and travel. It is also known to operate 16

airports and around China.

Zhubaijia funds $78M to imitate Airbnb in China 6 weeks after a $30M round
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