About $22.5 Million is Been Secured by Money Lion in Series A, Funding Led by the Edison Partners

Money Lion is an excellent personal and mobile finance platform that

facilitates continued product modernization and that leverages device learning analytics

to make possible smarter tools. Money Lion announced its $22.5 million in Series and

which is funded by the Edison Partners.

The needs of the consumers are changing with times and main mission of the Money

Lion is to build an up to date financial platform and that is based specifically on the

value of long-term relationship. These financing along with $650 million in obtainable

debit facilities will be useful to fuel the growth of the Money Lion’s. In this way it will

also be beneficial in expanding its lending capacity significantly.

Some of the investors who have participated in the funding round include the

Broadhaven Capital Partners, Clock Tower Ventures, Montage Ventures, Citizen.VC,

FinTech and many other prominent investors from the technological as well as finance

industry. The consumers these days require faster access to credit products that are

personalized in a seamless and digital format.

Better tools are made use by the Money Lion and that is data driven and provides a

clear understanding of the financial matters. According to the CEO and co-founder of

Money Lion the funding is very beneficial as it would help speed up our work as well as

provide smart economic products to millions of people who are in search to manage

their financial security.

The Money Lion app can be downloaded on the Google app store and it would be

helpful to guide you to manage your financial health. The app is very easy to use and it is

a smart app that would help you manage your savings, credits and even money spent. It

is a sophisticated technology that functions with impressive leadership and its approach

is also unique.

About $22.5 Million is Been Secured by Money Lion in Series A, Funding Led by the Edison Partners
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