Huge Funds Amounting to $350-$500 Million Raised by Maris the Head of EX- Google Ventures

According to some people familiar with the matter, the former head of

Google Ventures Bill Maris is funding money for his own venture. Bill Maris has gained a

degree in Neuroscience from the Middlebury College and began his career in

biotechnology. According to sources the preliminary plans of Maris is to fund about

$350 million to $500 million for his Google Venture.

The Google Venture also known as GV in the year 2009 started by Maris is a way for the

internet giant to invest in the start-up ecosystem. All thanks to the Google brand as the

firm struck immediate success and its ability to make available many emerging

companies the valuable resources. The valuable resources include the infrastructure of

cloud computing and that was provided with the help from the specialist in recruiting,

design and engineering.

It is after 4 months after proclaiming his leaving from Google Ventures, which Bill Maris

co-founded as well as led, is apparently raising a new $230 million VC fund and that will

spotlight mainly on healthcare investments. Maris has also signed some big life science

deals all through his term. The second largest investment of GV after Uber was a

healthcare technology company Flatiron Health and that mainly focuses on healthcare.

It has been speculated that Maris would focus mainly on diseases that are age related

and cancers.

In the month of September, however there were rumors that Bill Maris was trying to

increase funds ranging from $350-$500 million and especially for the development of a

healthcare associated venture. A lot of other successful investments have been made by

Bill Maris like the Jet.Com and the Net Labs. Numerous achievements have been

credited by Maris, though he missed some big ones. The venture of Maris is apparently

called as Section 32 and it is a very mysterious Star Trek position and which Bill Maris is

a fan.

Huge Funds Amounting to $350-$500 Million Raised by Maris the Head of EX- Google Ventures
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