Uber gets hold of geometric intelligence

Geometrical intelligence is an artificial intelligence startup that vows to outshine

the deep learning systems at internet giants such as facebook and Google. The

New York-based startup company has all blotching of a company construct just

for this type of wide acquisition. The company has filed for one patent, Marcus

said ‘there is dilemma in a domain of language in driverless cars where you will

not have sufficient data to utilize brute force the way that deep learning does’.

As per Marcus the company’s technology is still in research segment, but claims it

can already learn definite tasks using partially as much data as deep learning.

This move by Uber signals a stepped up attempt in AI helping research efforts to

carry self-driving car technology into a mainstream and to form the base of ride

sharing giant’s own research center. Managing director of future labs Steven

Kuyan said’ thus acquisition of geometrical intelligence is a dual validation of AI

startup ecosystem’. Uber doing a lot with machine learning by now via its

research team but they are focused on answering issues related to self-directed

driving. The novel middle team will be appearing at applications for AI widely with

the main focus on vital research that makes the impact on latent users which

includes many things such as route management. The funding team of

Geometrical intelligence includes Gary Marcus who is well known NYU scientist,

Prof Zoubin Ghahramani, Prof Kenneth Stanley and Douglas Bemis with an

expertise staff. Jeff Holden, uber-chief officer commented in a blog post that

regardless of which aspect of company’s business there is a common challenge

originating in ‘negotiating the original world and that represents a very high order

intelligence problem’.

Source: www. Fortune.com

Uber gets hold of geometric intelligence
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