SnapLogic raises 40 million dollars to expand globally

‘A lot of the software as a service i.e. SaaS buyers do not want to get into hiring

dozens of java programmers,’ co-founder and CEO of SnapLogic Gaurav Dhillon


SnapLogic is a cloud-based integration company which recently announced a

funding round of 40 million dollars. This new funding round was led by Ignition

Partners, Capital One, Vitruvian partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Next Equity

Partners and triangle Peak partners. The money will be utilized to expand sales,

customer service, and marketing with a particular focus on Europe. The company

was founded in 2006 and has raised a total amount of 136.3 million dollars till

date and has altogether 225 employees. The company uses this cloud-based

podium to snap together cloud and on premier applications, big data warehouses,

and IoT deployments. SnapLogics make it easy and fast to create data pipelines

without coding. Under a hood, company’s strong data streaming architecture

delivers real-time processing with high throughput to get right data to right

person at right time. This new fund will be utilized to accelerate global expansion

and transformation dramatically along with company applications and devices for digital


Dhillion said’ our mission is to take integration out of the dungeon that is the back

office and bring it into the light of the front office to have a self-service paradigm’.

He said that Informatica could be seen as Snaplogic’s major competitor but there

are other players also such as talent and MuleSoft that has a name in the sector.

SnapLogic has attached to more than 700 customers like Groupon, target,

Verizon, adobe and much more. The CEO of SnapLogic wants to see companies

using SnapLogic for more modern workloads like AI i.e. artificial intelligence.

Source: www.snaplogic.com

SnapLogic raises 40 million dollars to expand globally
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