Marvel raises £4 million led by BGF ventures

‘Marvel is democratizing design and empowering everyone to be involved in the

process. We are lowering the barrier to getting started in design and making it

much easier for people to work collaboratively’, said Murat Mutlu co-founder of


Marvel is a prototyping, alliance app and has raised £4 million in series A

funding round which is led by BGF ventures. Prior investors include Connect

ventures, index ventures, and Inreach ventures, have also participated in this

round. The investment pursues Marvel’s current acquisition of Pop which is a

prototyping tool and has expanded the firm’s international base.

As per Murat Mutlu, ‘ The recent acquisition of pop and our successful fundraising

give us an opportunity to make huge strides in bringing Marvel to even more

people’. This London-based firm will utilize these funds to construct its sales and

customer service teams. This money will also pick up the pace of product

development and expand into new markets. Marvel’s main aim is to help

employees make more intelligent decisions about their savings and improving

financial well-being in the labor force.

Led by Breden Moore, Murat Mutlu and Jonathan Siao, the company was founded

in 2013, offers design and prototyping podium for people to turn their

sketches and images into realistic prototypes and get the feedback without having

coding skills. As per the company, the platform has over 1 million registered users

mostly in UK and US. The company claims that it has seen just about 35000 new

users signing up every month. This application is prompt becoming the go to

prototyping tool in tech and other industries. Marvel believes that it has also

changed the way teams distribute their work to clients and stakeholders by

creating PowerPoint presentations for showcasing designs.

Source: www.techcitynews.com

Marvel raises £4 million led by BGF ventures
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