Huawei to strengthen cybersecurity; aims at spending $2 billion over the next 5 years

Huawei plans on strengthening its cybersecurity associated with its devices. The Chinese giant made the announcement in a press conference at its Dongguan office in the presence of over 20 journalists. As a part of the initiative, Huawei would be upgrading its lab facilities and bringing in more personnel to its platform.

There have been several concerns lately regarding the cloud storages that phones offer. They are subjected to hacking pretty frequently and have resulted in the loss of a huge amount of data. Probably, the most prominent cases were of Apple’s iCloud and Dropbox being hacked and suffering the loss of personal data of the users.

As of late, Huawei devices have been virtually banned from USA, Australia and New Zealand owing to allegations made by users about the Chinese spying on their data. Chairman of Huawei, Ken Hu, commented on the allegations saying,

“Locking out competitors from a playing field cannot make yourself better. We think any concerns or allegations about security at Huawei should be based on factual evidence. Without factual evidence, we don’t accept and we oppose those allegations.”


If these woes weren’t enough for Huawei, Japan and France are also eyeing the smartphone manufacturer, looking to ban their devices. Also, France has placed the company’s devices on ‘high alert’. With Huawei’s 5G devices on the verge of being rolled over shortly, it would the hurt the revenue of the company to a large extent if they don’t resolve the allegations before its too late.

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Huawei to strengthen cybersecurity; aims at spending $2 billion over the next 5 years
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