Facebook secretly sharing your data to Apple, Amazon and Microsoft?

Facebook, arguably the most popular social media website, is again under the red eye of users for allegedly leaking their data to companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Yahoo. The report came from New York Times and said that Facebook has been sharing data like usernames, contact information, usernames of friends, likes, etc. without the consent of the user.

What’s in it for Facebook?

Readers may be wondering why Facebook would do this without any benefit. But the fact is that Facebook is benefiting largely from it. They would have more traffic on their website, their user base would increase and the ads they get from their advertisers would also grow in number. All this means an increase in revenue for Facebook. They may even sell the data for monetary returns from third parties.

Zuckerberg denies the allegations

This is not the first time Facebook has been accused of selling its users’ data to third parties. In April, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg had to face the Congressional hearing regarding multiple allegations made by studies and surveys on Facebook. However, Mark denied the claims completely, saying “We don’t sell data to anyone”. Whether or not that is true, users, regulators, and media have taken it out on Facebook regarding privacy breaches.

Mark Zuckerberg

Altogether, Facebook has become one of the biggest marketplaces for data on the internet and the users don’t even know about it. Getting free social media accounts, search engines and apps are just ‘data losses in disguise’. All of the data that these platforms, websites, and apps collect are being used to set a target audience and get advertisements.

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Facebook secretly sharing your data to Apple, Amazon and Microsoft?
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