Qualcomm's patent lawsuit against Apple dismissed by German court

Qualcomm’s patent lawsuit against Apple dismissed by German court

A German court, on Tuesday, dismissed the patent lawsuit filed by Qualcomm, the U.S chipmaker, against Apple. Qualcomm has alleged that Apple’s Intel-powered iPhones had “infringed” a transistor switch patent that the chipmaker holds. “Apple has a history of infringing our patents,” said Don Rosenberg, Qualcomm’s executive vice president and general counsel, according to a Reuters report.

Qualcomm which is engaged in a long-standing patent war with Apple said that they will appeal after winning another case file in a Munich court. has decided to appeal against the court’s decision. “While we disagree with the Mannheim court’s decision and will appeal, we will continue to enforce our [intellectual property] rights against Apple worldwide,” said Rosenberg.

Another report suggests that the chipmaker has refused to supply modems for the new iPhone models. This move could affect the network performance of the upcoming iPhone handsets. It also could affect Apple’s upcoming 5G enabled phones. If Qualcomm refuses to give modems for the 5G phones the tech giant will have to wait for Intel to roll out its 5G chips.

While the latest court decision favored Apple another lawsuit in Germany last year was won by Qualcomm. This decision caused Apple to withdraw two of their iPhone models from the German market. Apple and Qualcomm have been engaged in an ongoing legal battle for a long time. Apple has also shunned using several of Qualcomm’s chips in its devices. Although these iPhone models remain on sale in Germany through retailers Apple has appealed against the court decision.

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Qualcomm’s patent lawsuit against Apple dismissed by German court
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