Instagram acts sly to sell banned ads to push up follower count

Today, it’s nothing uncommon to view the youth glued to their mobile phones, attempting to capture their “Insta-moments” to upload it on the most popular virtual space, Instagram. No wonder, this 2010-launched social media site gained ground in short-span influencing the young mass, at large, however, it is reported that the platform has exhibited its malicious stand while selling ad space to the banned services that charge clients for assembling fake followers.

What comes shocking in this case is Instagram’s ban on such activities in November and its decision to take stringent measure against the ones, involved.  The Insta-users were highly bothered by the constant liking or following notifications from these services who supply their client with increased followers. This eventually took a toll on Insta’s notification standard, despite, its revenue flooding because of these businesses that knit an extensive spamming web across the network.

It is understandable that Instagram paid least attention to vigilant on these fake apps and spams that starkly violated the policies and norms of the promotional platform. This inevitably brings in a wave of worry among the community members regarding their security from the hands of spammers. The Facebook-owned video and picture sharing app endeavoured to move up the digital ladder at a break-neck pace, unfortunately, compromising the safety of its user-base.

The social network is imbued with more than a dozen of such followers-selling services. The long list includes Social Upgrade, GramGorilla, Xplod Social, JW Social Media Marketing, Gramflare, SocialFuse, YR Charisma, EZ Grow, Instashop, MagicSocial, Macurex, Social Sensational, GoGrowthly, We Grow Social, IG Wildfire, Instagrocery and TrendBee. Further investigation popped up five more services’ names such as InstaMason, InstaGrow, NextStore2019, FireSocial and Servantify.

These imprudent services least care about user-experience or how they disrupt the sound space of the app till the point they are satiated with the money supply. The co-founder of GoGrowthly service has admitted the act, stating, “What we’re doing is obviously against their terms of service.” He further added, “We’re going in and piggybacking off their free platform and not giving them any of the revenue. Instagram doesn’t like us at all.        

On being reported about the services involved in policy violation, Instagram immediately removed those ads and deactivated their Facebook pages. An Instagram spokesperson referring to this instance has asserted that the app is doing its best to subdue the spamming activities. “Nobody likes receiving spammy follows, likes and comments. It’s really important to us that the interactions people have on Instagram are genuine, and we’re working hard to keep the community free from spammy behavior. Services that offer to boost an account’s popularity via inauthentic likes, comments and followers, as well as ads that promote these services, aren’t allowed on Instagram. We’ve taken action on the services raised in this article, including removing violating ads, disabling Pages and accounts, and stopping Pages from placing further ads. We have various systems in place that help us catch and remove these types of ads before anyone sees them, but given the number of ads uploaded to our platform every day, there are times when some still manage to slip through. We know we have more to do in this area and we’re committed to improving.”

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Instagram acts sly to sell banned ads to push up follower count
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