PUBG game update: Hints Zombie mode and Tukshai vehicle

PUBG, probably the most played smartphone game at the moment, may have some serious upgrades up its sleeve. Leaks suggest that the much expected ‘Zombie mode’ will be released with the next update version 0.10.5. Also, improvements are expected to the loot distribution in the Vikendi map and an introduction of the Tukshai vehicle.

Zombie mode

PUBG teased a collaboration with another much-anticipated game, Resident Evil 2. It is also expected to feature some of the characters from the game in its own version. The video which PUBG released on December 1 showed zombies and also its logos along with that of Resident Evil 2. As if to fuel this teaser, PUBG fans have been posting sightings of Zombies on the game on the social media platform, Reddit.

Tukshai vehicle, MK47 and Night mode on the way?

A new assault rifle, named the MK47, could also surface with the upcoming update. It is expected to have, not just one, but two modes of firing (single shot firing and burst firing), and is sure to excite the fans. Also, the Vikendi map is expected to feature the Tukshai vehicle, and a possible night mode for enhanced user experience during low light conditions as well.

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PUBG game update: Hints Zombie mode and Tukshai vehicle
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