FTC may impose a large penalty on FaceBook over data privacy violation

FTC may impose large penalty on Facebook over data privacy violation

FaceBook might be slapped with a large fine for the data breach scandal by the Federal Trade Commission [FTC]. A report from the New York Times indicates that five members from the commission met in mid-December to discuss the ongoing data violation case. The investigation that began in March has not yet concluded and the penalty has not been decided, the report said citing sources.

Consumer-protection and enforcement staff members have submitted evidence of privacy breach violations however they are yet to submit a final report. The commission will have to vote the recommendations as they don’t always approve staff recommendations.

All five commissioners have told the Congress that they require more resources to investigate major players like FaceBook.

The investigation into the social media giant was spurred by a report from the New York Times that a British political consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica, had obtained data of 87 million FaceBook users without permission. The Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, was summoned by the Congress to testify in court.

In December another New York Times report alleged that the company also shared private user information to other media giants like Netflix and Spotify. The social media firm denied all allegations stating that they required user’s permission to share their details to third parties.

FaceBook is bound by a consent decree from 2011 which mandates it to seek permission from the users to share their information with private parties. The commission also requires the firm to notify them when third parties misuse user data.

In September Facebook confessed to a security breach that affected 50 million users on their platform.

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FTC may impose large penalty on Facebook over data privacy violation
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