Russia launches probe against Facebook, Twitter

Russia launches probe against Facebook, Twitter

Roskomnadzor, the regulatory authority for Russian communications, has launched civil proceedings against Facebook and Twitter. Reportedly, the regulatory authority said that the companies have failed to explain to the authority how it plans to comply with the data laws that are put forth by the government. Russia’s data laws order social network sites to store the data of Russian users on servers which are located in Russia.

“The companies managing the social networks of Facebook and Twitter provided formal answers to our demands to confirm the localization of personal data of Russian users in Russia. [However], they do not contain specifics about the actual implementation of the legislation at the current moment, nor about the timing of the implementation of these standards in the future,” said Roskomnadzor, according to a report.

“In this regard, today Roskomnadzor begins administrative proceedings against both companies,” the regulatory authority added.

Russia has been adding additional restrictions on internet laws over the past five years. They have censored certain search engine results and has demanded messaging apps to share the encryption keys. The new data law will allow the Russian govt to block websites that misuse personal data of a Russian citizen.

Vladimir Putin’s country seems to be wary of social networking sites misusing personal data of their citizens. Facebook is tangled in a controversy which alleges that the social media giant shared user’s data without permission. This ignited a social media uproar which dragged Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO to a congressional hearing.

Facebook has repeatedly denied all accusations. However, in September Facebook confessed to a security breach that affected 50 million users on their platform.

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Russia launches probe against Facebook, Twitter
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