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Apple to replace LCD display with OLED, report

Apple, the tech giant, could be removing the LCD display from the iPhone models next year, according to a report. The dropping of LCD display technology will mean a price drop for iPhone handsets that are to be launched next year.

The new move is to create a more flexible iPhone design. The LCD display will be replaced by OLED.

The new announcement follows the inadequate sales of iPhone XR models. The XR models didn’t achieve the expected sales that the company had targetted. iPhone XR seems to have lost the battle to phones with 1080p and 1440p OLEDs, even with the recent price cuts. However, Apple has choked it up to the XR model being the most popular iPhone since its launch in October.

The company thinks that the new move will increase the sales of iPhone XR.

Reportedly, Apple is slashing the production of three new iPhone models including XR in Q1 2019. the company had asked its suppliers to cut down the production of iPhones last month. The other models that are seeing a drop in production are XS Max and XS.

The whopping fall in the revenue forecast was announced by Apple CEO, Tim Cook in a letter to investors. He indicated that the fall in the revenue guidance was due to a reduced iPhone demand among Chinese consumers. He blamed the US-China trade war for a decreased demand for iPhones in the country.

Last year, the Cupertino-based tech giant sold over 50 million phones in Q1. However, the figures will be saddening this year as the company has cited a revenue drop coupled with a decrease in demand. Decreasing iPhone prices might just be their last resort to bring back the lost customers.

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Apple to replace LCD display with OLED, report
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