China tightens its grip on Internet, blocks Microsoft’s Bing

China tightens its grip on Internet, blocks Microsoft’s Bing

Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, has been blocked in China according to a report. “We’ve confirmed that Bing is currently inaccessible in China and are engaged to determine next steps,” said the company.

China Unicom, a government-owned telecommunications company, confirmed the government’s decision to block the search engine, said a Financial Times report, citing sources.

Chinese users say that the blocking of Bing was initiated by a DNS [Domain name system] corruption. The DNS corruption is a common way employed by the Chinese government to block websites with the help of its sophisticated censoring system called the Great Firewall.

Bing was one among the few non-domestic internet companies that were functioning in China. Bing also censors the search results for Chinese users. Baidu is the currently the primary search engine used by most citizens of the country.

China has been increasing its grip over the internet since 2016. The government has invested in technological upgrades to keep a close watch and also censor the content. In recent years the Chinese Communist party has allocated more resources to control online content. It has passed new laws regarding the nature of the content that can be published online. The country has also penalized those who went against these rules.

Recently, the Chinese government deleted over 7 million pieces of online information and over 9000 mobile apps. It also pointed fingers at Tencent’s news app for spreading “vulgar information”.

China has always given priority to decrease the reliance on foreign technologies. It has shut down several foreign technologies including search engine giant Google. The country has pushed localization of the production of industrial control systems. It is aiming to build an independently controllable technology system that guarantees cyberspace security by 2020.

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China tightens its grip on Internet, blocks Microsoft’s Bing
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