UK telco BT Group procures internet provider license in China

UK telco BT Group procures internet provider license in China

A UK telecommunications company, BT group, has procured nationwide licenses in China, according to a report. The license was granted by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology that will enable the company to sell to Chinese consumers directly and accept payments in Chinese Yuan.

BT global services chief executive Bas Burger said the license proved “cooperation between the governments of China and the UK” and also indicated that it would allow BT Group to “significantly simplify the process of delivery connectivity”.

The nationwide Domestic IP-VPN license and Internet Service Provider license were the two license granted to the company. The firm stated that this is a “major step” for BT in China. “Being able to service and bill locally significantly simplifies the process of delivering connectivity and other communication services. It is what our customers expect from us and we are very grateful for the opportunity to do this as of today,” said Burger.

This move is in the wake of Britain’s growing concerns over Huawei equipment. The Chinese tech giant is currently tackling spying allegations from the west. The British mobile providers are under pressure as UK defense secretary raised concerns about using Huawei equipment to launch 5G network in the country.

Last month, BT announced that it was eliminating Huawei equipment from its mobile carrier EE’s 3G and 4G core networks. The firm also added that it would not employ the Huawei equipment in its 5G networks.

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