Apple takes Group FaceTime feature offline following bug attack

Apple takes group calling feature offline following bug attack

Apple has taken its group calling feature offline due to a bug that affected FaceTime which was found on Monday. The feature in the FaceTime calling service was affected by a bug that lets callers listen in on the conversations at the receiver’s end even if the receiver doesn’t pick up the call. It was later found that the bug is capable of exposing video of the receiver as well.

Apple’s status page now shows that the FaceTime feature is facing an “issue” at the moment. The vulnerability found activates when a user tries to start a group call and add himself as a participant. The bug then switches on the recipient’s microphone by tricking the phone into believing that the group call has already started.

Reportedly, Apple is finding a solution to fix the bug. “We’re aware of this issue and we have identified a fix that will be released in a software update later this week,” said a spokesperson.

The group calling feature was originally set to be added to iOS 12 which was released in September. However, iOS 12 products which were shipped did not include the feature. The iOS 12.1 released in October 2018 included the group call feature. Reports state that Apple the iPhone maker didn’t give a reason for the delay.

The bug also takes a hit on the privacy aspect of an iPhone. Apple has always given importance to privacy within its products. The company says they ask comparatively lesser information than other tech companies and store this data on encrypted devices rather than their servers. Major tech companies have toughened their data privacy rules following the Facebook data breach scandal.

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