Fortnite back online after getting rid of login issues


Fortnite, arguably the most preferred video game in the world, was down for a brief period of time. Users all over the world reported login issues for approximately two and a half hours, which caused them to lose it big time. However, according to the latest updates from Epic games, the creator of Fortnite, the issue has been resolved and a green signal stating ‘All Systems Operational’ has been put up on the status page.

According to a tweet posted by Epic games about the issue, it stated,

“We’re aware that players are experiencing issues when attempting to use Epic Games services. We’re currently working on a resolution and will keep you updated.”


Also, on their official status website, the issue was mentioned and periodic updates about it were being posted. At UTC 1:51, they commented on the issue for the first time, saying,

“We have identified an issue with logins and some players may have trouble connecting to Epic Games services. We will keep you updated as we work towards a resolution.”

After repeated updates, at UTC 5:02, Epic games seemed to finally have solved the issue. However, the exact cause of the issue hasn’t been disclosed by the gaming giant yet, who pulled in revenue in excess of 2.4 billion USD in 2018.

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