Apple faces class action lawsuit over iOS update that rejects old iPhone chargers

Apple faces class action lawsuit

Apple, the iPhone maker, is facing a class action lawsuit filed by a California resident. The plaintiff, Monica Emerson, has accused the company of releasing iOS updates which were programmed to reject old iPhone chargers from charging iPhones.

“AppleInc. forced updates to the iPhones which were specifically designed and programmed to reject, starting on November of 2016, old iPhone chargers from properly charging the iPhones,” alleged Emerson in the lawsuit filed.

This story was first reported by MacRumors.

Emerson stated that in October 2017 Apple released an update for iOS. When she tried to charge her iPhone after installing the update her iPhone showed a notification which read “This accessory may not be supported”. She said that she felt “ripped off, cheated and violated” by Apple.

Emerson claims that Apple released these updates so that users buy new apple chargers or new cellphones which will profit the company and also help it to dominate the cellphone arena. She is seeking redressal for all iPhone purchasers worldwide.

The lawsuit indicated that these updates which would reject Apple chargers were not informed to the buyers at the time of purchase. It also added that there was no consent from the buyers to “unilaterally” install updates on their phones which inflicted fundamental changes to the iPhone.

“Plaintiff brings this class action complaint on behalf of herself and individuals similarly situated against the defendant for its illegal, deceptive, and unconscionable actions in violating the privacy rights of hundreds of thousands of individuals nationwide in order to obtain an unfair and illegal competitive advantage,” declared the lawsuit.

Apple is already facing numerous troubles as their iPhone sales are slimming. The company had to cut its revenue guidance for the first quarter which caused a plunge in the iPhone stocks. Apple CEO, Tim Cook, blamed the declining sales on reduced iPhone demand in the Chinese market. The company is also planning to slash prices in select countries outside the U.S. so that the rising value of USD against local currencies will not increase the iPhone prices in foreign countries.

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