Everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 is one phone which has created a lot of buzz in the smartphone market right now. Scheduled to be released on the 20th of February during its ‘Unpacked’ event, several rumors related to the smartphone’s display, camera, design, etc. have been making the rounds on the internet.


To add to all these, Samsung has released three official teasers, which sheds more light on what the device could offer. Here is what we know until now about the Samsung Galaxy S10.

  • The Galaxy S10 will not have a notch, unlike most of the flagship devices we see in the market today. It will feature a full-screen display, and of course, have curved displays at the sides of the screen on both sides.
  • It contains an ultrasonic in-display 3D fingerprint scanner. Since it is a 3D scanner, unlike the 2D ones which we can find on almost every device at the moment, it can scan the user’s fingerprint through tempered glass, plastic, sapphire and even aluminum. So, for all those wondering how the fingerprint scanner would work when you put a tempered glass on it, Samsung has got you covered!

Samsung Galaxy S10

  • Wireless charging has been used on high-end Samsung devices already. However, the Galaxy S10 supposedly has a reverse wireless charging feature. Meaning, you can charge other wireless charging devices using the S10 (when the need arises). The power output is a whopping 9W.
  • The front camera can record videos in 4K and has an amazing optical image stabilization feature.
  • Apart from these, the Galaxy S10 has a dual camera setup at the rear. The S10+ however, has a triple camera setup at the back and a dual camera setup in the front. Also, the front cameras are embedded in the display itself, rather than providing a notch for them.

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Everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy S10
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