Hacker by the name of ‘Gnosticplayers’ puts 93 million users’ data on sale on Dark Web

The hacker who goes by the name of ‘Gnosticplayers’ has posted another set of hacked databases on Dark Web marketplace known as Dream Market, according to reports by ZDNet. This is the third such move by the hacker who earlier posted a batch of 16 databases containing the data of 620 million users and the second batch of eight databases with the data of 127 million users.

On Sunday, the hacker published 8 more hacked databases containing data for 92.76 million users. The name that everyone would take note of is GfyCat, the leading GIF hosting, and sharing platform. The hacker is making his move and is selling each database separately. Together the total worth of all the databases is in the region of 2.6249 bitcoin, which amounts to roughly $9,400.

ZDNet spoke to the hacker and took all the credit for hacking the databases and said that he was not being just the intermediary.

“My two main goals are money and downfall of American pigs,” he told ZDNet.

ZDNet has sent requests to the eight companies who have been hacked but has failed to receive any response from the companies. However, most of the companies admitted to suffering data breaches, which makes the claims made by the hacker all the more authentic and also the data that he is selling on the Dark Web legitimate.
According to the ZDNet report, GyfCat has already started an investigation in the breach and same is the case with ClassPass and OneBip.

“We can also confirm that any account databases are strongly encrypted and salted, so no plain text passwords would be in any compromised data,” a spokesperson at GyfCat told ZDNet via email.
It has also been claimed that It has been claimed that databases, which are aimed at making “life easier” for hackers, can be purchased from the Dream Market, located in the Tor network, for an amount not less than $20,000 in Bitcoin.

Source: ZDNet

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Hacker by the name of ‘Gnosticplayers’ puts 93 million users’ data on sale on Dark Web
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