Food delivery app, Food Panda, facing severe criticism from users


The online food ordering and delivery business have been blooming over the past year or two. Several players are entering the domain, which has given food lovers more options to choose from. This has also driven up the competition among all the major players, such as Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats, FreshMenu, Food Panda, Box 8, etc.

Food Panda, however, seems to be the odd one out due to all the criticism that’s being hurled at its way. Users from all over India have taken it to social media sites and online public forums to talk about their negative experience of ordering food from Food Panda. Here are some of them which stand out:



FoodPanda 1

FoodPanda 2

FoodPanda 3

FoodPanda 5

FoodPanda 6

These are just a few of the hundreds of complaints that have been lodged against Food Panda on the public forum, Most of the complaints are related to users ordering food and paying for them online, but not actually receiving the food. What’s worse is that Food Panda isn’t even refunding them their money and the customer care executives aren’t responding to them in the right manner.

In certain cases, the delivery executives of Food Panda have behaved in a rude way with some of the customers. Some complaints even report that the food delivered is different from the one ordered, and worse, some arrived incompletely (which can either be the mistake of the restaurant or the delivery executive). Whatever it may be, Food Panda has constantly been under the limelight, but only for the wrong reasons.

Even the rating for the app on Google Play Store is really low at just 3.2 stars. The number of 1-star ratings is almost equal to the number of 5-star ratings, which sums up the whole story for Food Panda. If they’re looking to survive the long run amidst all the competition from apps such as Zomato (4.3 stars), Box 8 (4.2 stars), Swiggy (4.3 stars), and FreshMenu (4.2 stars), they need to bring in serious changes to the way they’re working and interacting with customers.

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