Facebook updates privacy settings on Android, adds background location control

Facebook is at work in restoring some credibility to its tarnished image and in the latest development, the company is busy updating the privacy settings on Android. The social media giant has added a new privacy control feature to its Android app that will block the app and prevent it from gathering their background location data, according to a report by TechCrunch.

As per the report, Facebook acknowledged the fact that the Android users have repeatedly expressed concerns over the Android app’s ability to continuously log location data in the background which is not the case with iOS. The Facebook app has always been collecting the location data in the background but the company stopped short of accepting any such practice.

“We’re introducing a new background location control on Facebook for Android so people can choose if they want us to collect location information when they’re not using the app,” said Paul McDonald, Location Infrastructure, Facebook wrote in his blog on Wednesday.

Android users can now safely assume that Facebook was extensively tracking their location even when they were not using the app.

But now things are going to change a bit and the users who had previously allowed Facebook to track their locations will retain the same settings but they will now get alerts about the new location controls. Users who kept the location settings turned off will retain the settings and the permissions will remain toggled off. Initially, these changes will only apply to the Android devices, Facebook is also planning to release an alert for iOS users to take a closer look and evaluate their location history settings.

It’s high time that you took a good hard look at your location privacy settings and thought about it in depth because once the data is out in the public domain then it becomes very hard to keep a tab on and with Facebook’s privacy track record, it becomes all the more risky and vulnerable.

Source: TechCrunch 

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Facebook updates privacy settings on Android, adds background location control
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