No evidence to prove Huawei spying allegations

No evidence to prove Huawei spying allegations, says top official

Britain can handle the security risks of employing Huawei telecoms equipment said Ciaran Martin, head of Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre [NCSC]. He added that they were yet to find any evidence to prove allegations of Huawei equipment being involved in spying.

In a cybersecurity conference held at Brussels Martin said that Britain was yet to take a decision on its security policy for national 5G networks, according to a Reuters report. He mentioned that Huawei equipment was under “detailed oversight and strict government controls” where it was used. “Our regime is arguably the toughest and most rigorous oversight regime in the world for Huawei,” said Martin.

When asked whether Washington has provided any evidence against the tech giant’s equipment he told: “I would be obliged to report if there was evidence of malevolence … by Huawei. And we’re yet to have to do that. So I hope that covers it.”

Huawei came under scrutiny when the U.S intelligence authorities alleged that its equipment was used as spying devices. U.S Intelligence authorities believe that the Chinese tech firm has connections with the Chinese government. Several countries including New Zealand, Australia and the UK have taken various preventive measures such as banning govt companies from buying equipment from the Chinese tech firm.

In the past several UK government executives have warned against using Huawei equipment in the future 5G networks of the country. The UK government seems to be worried about the security threat allegations the Chinese tech giant has been facing. The U.S. has recommended allies to ban the tech giant’s products.

Huawei is eyeing to hold a key position in the development of Britain’s 5G networks. Any attempt by the Chinese tech giant to participate in the creation of 5G networks of Britain will be under the hawkish eyes of the British government as well as other governments especially the U.S.

A government report last year alleged that the company equipment had technical and supply chain issues which exposed other telecoms network to security risks. Vodafone, a network provider has stopped the employment of Huawei equipment in its core networks after the report.

“As we said then, and repeat today, these problems are about standards of cyber security; they are not indicators of hostile activity by China,” said Martin when queried about the report.

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No evidence to prove Huawei spying allegations, says top official
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