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On-demand shuttle startup Via expands its base, enters Latin America

The on-demand shuttle startup Via has expanded its base to South America. The company which is backed by Diamler Chrysler launched its service in Goiânia, Brazil with HP Transportes Coletivos, one of the country’s largest public transportation operators, according to a report by TechCrunch.

As per the report, the on-demand transit service which is called CityBus 2.0 is the first on-demand shuttle to enter the market of Latin America. Users can now use the app to move in 11 districts in the city and base fares are R$2.50, or $0.68.

It seems that there’s a growing demand for this on-demand shuttle service as more than 15,000 people have downloaded this app in the first week of service. The app works on a very simple level and as the user places his request, the app calculates the distance and the fare for the journey and the user can make the payment by credit card or cash.

While it’s a known fact that most on-demand ride services basically accept payment through the app, Via allows for cash transactions through some transit agency partners.

The on-demand shuttle service, Via has a presence in nearly 15 countries and it also has customer-facing shuttles in Chicago, Washington D.C. and New York. The company is also partnering with cities and transportation authorities in many cities, giving clients access to its platform to deploy their own shuttles.

In the month of January, Via announced its partnership with the city of Los Angeles for an on-demand shuttle service that would give people rides to the three busy public transit stations. The main aim of the pilot program is to combat the declining public transit ridership, which has been hit hard by the growing popularity of Uber and Lyft.

Via has also entered into a partnership with the Arriva Bus UK, a Deutsche Bahn Company for the first-and-the-last mile service which connects commuters to the train station at Kent.

Source: TechCrunch

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On-demand shuttle startup Via expands its base, enters Latin America
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