Customers dissatisfied over Tesla’s refund policy

Tesla customers slam automaker’s refund policies

Tesla’s customers are angry over the company’s return and refund policy. According to a CNBC report, numerous customers that bought cars from Tesla faced problems when it came to returning the car and getting a refund as promised.

Tesla announced a lenient return policy in Q4 2018. Musk declared: “full refund if Tesla can’t deliver your car this year.” “If you order a car without a test drive you get 3 days to return for a full refund vs 1 day if you do get a test drive,” he added. He said the flexible return policy was a part of his sales pitch.

However, according to customers returning a car and getting a refund from Tesla is a herculean task. Some of the electric car maker’s customers were left waiting for months even after the deadline for repayment was over.

Tesla has a long reservation list. A reservation fee is charged for each reservation. According to the company policy, the reservation fee is supposed to be refunded if the reservation is canceled by the company. However, the report states that in one case a customer’s refund check for a $1000 reservation fee was bounced. Tesla sent a $40,000 check to another customer, who didn’t get his car after reservation, instead of refunding $1000 reservation fee.

In some cases, the customers say that the refund was prompt but they did not receive a notification saying the company has paid them back.

“Anytime we get a refund request, we work to process it as quickly as we can,” said Tesla spokesperson. He said that most refunds are sent within 30 days. He also noted that fraud prevention measures employed by certain financial institutions may delay the process of refund.

Looks like Tesla has been keen on selling cars but not on keeping customers happy. The electric car maker needs better customer service policies to ensure that its customers get treated right and are given information about their cars at the right time. “This all could have been resolved with a better customer portal,” viewed a customer.

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Tesla customers slam automaker’s refund policies
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