ExxonMobil joins hands with Microsoft to increase Permian basin profits

ExxonMobil has entered into a strategic partnership with Microsoft and the company believes that this will make its Permian basin operations the largest ever oil and gas acreage to use cloud technology, according to the press release. This move is expected to generate billions of dollars in the next decade and pave the way for enhanced operational efficiency.

As per the press release, ExxonMobil’s XTO Energy subsidiary will use Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, Machine Learning and the Internet of Things is an attempt to improve capital efficiency and support Permian production growth by as much as 50,000 oil-equivalent barrels per day by 2025.

Speaking about the strategic partnership with Microsoft, Staale Gjervik, senior vice president, Permian Integrated Development for XTO said:

“The combination of Microsoft’s technologies with our unique strengths in oilfield technologies, production efficiency, and integration will help drive growth in the Permian and serve as a model for additional implementation across the U.S. and abroad.”

The press release further goes on to add that Exxon Mobile’s partnership with Microsoft will pave the way for an integrated cloud environment that will collect real-time data from oil filed assets spread across hundreds of miles. The data available in the cloud will help Exxon to expedite the decision-making process and will also help the company in dealing with other things like leak detection, and the repair response time could be further reduced with enhanced access to emissions data.

Alysa Taylor, corporate vice president of Microsoft Business Applications and Industry, said ExxonMobil is taking the mantle of a leader in its digital strategy.

“ExxonMobil is leading the way for industry, grounding its goals in making data-driven decisions that will result in safer operations for its employees and more profitable activities for the company,” she said.

With the help of Microsoft’s applications, such as Dynamics 365, ExxonMobil will have complete control and end-to-end control of the Permian operations.

Source: Press Release

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ExxonMobil joins hands with Microsoft to increase Permian basin profits
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