Top U.S official mudslings Huawei, calls tech mogul deceitful

Top U.S official mudslings Huawei, calls tech mogul deceitful

The ambassador for cyber and international communications at the U.S. State Department, Robert Strayer, called Huawei, the Chinese tech giant, “duplicitous and deceitful.” Strayer made a case against Huawei at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the number one trade show for the telecom industry, according to a CNBC report.

Strayer reaffirmed the U.S presumption that Huawei’s 5G infrastructure exposes the U.S and its allies to Chinese spying. “The United States is asking other governments and the private sector to consider the threat posed by Huawei and other Chinese information technology companies,” said Strayer.

Strayer went on to say that the Chinese law requires the country’s firms to “support and assist Beijing’s vast security apparatus, without any democratic checks and balance on access to, or use of data.” Therefore, the Chinese government could force Huawei to divulge information collected through its telecoms company equipment spread around the world.

On Tuesday, at the same event, Guo Ping, the rotating chairman of Huawei, said that the company did not do “bad things”. “Let me say this as clear as possible, Huawei has not and will never plant backdoors. And we will never allow anyone to do so in our equipment. We take this responsibility very seriously,” he added.

The U.S is increasingly throwing allegations at Huawei. Recently, a group of U.S senators wrote a letter to senior government officials arguing that the tech giant has the potential to launch a cyber attack on the solar energy grids of the U.S. The Chinese tech giant is also one among the leading companies that manufacture solar energy processing products and many people including commercial and homeowners use its solar inverters.

Spying allegations are a growing concern for Huawei as several countries are in talks of shunning the company’s equipment from their future 5G networks. The firm’s equipment is used by a majority of telecom operators around the world. Many are of the opinion that banning the Chinese tech behemoth’s equipment from the future 5G networks can be “unhealthy” for the telecom industry and also delay the process of implementation of 5G networks around the globe.

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Top U.S official mudslings Huawei, calls tech mogul deceitful
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