BlackBerry files patent infringement lawsuit against Twitter

BlackBerry, the former smartphone maker has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Twitter, according to a report by TechCrunch. This is nothing new for the company, as it filed a similar patent infringement lawsuit against Facebook last year.

The lawsuit accuses the microblogging site of using BlackBerry’s technology for use in several services, including the main Twitter app and Twitter Ads, which is the company’s advertising platform. The lawsuit, which has been filed in US District Court for Central California, seeks compensation for lost revenue and unspecified enhanced damages.

The Canadian enterprise software company that formerly used to sell smartphones filed a similar complaint against Facebook, along with its Instagram and WhatsApp subsidiaries last year, charging the social media giant of using BlackBerry’s mobile-messaging technology.

As per the report, BlackBerry alleges that Twitter has infringed and continues to infringe on six of its patents, which cover features like push notifications, silencing notifications for a message thread and mobile advertising techniques.

According to Blackberry, Twitter has created a number of mobile messaging applications using Blackberry’s innovations and has used a number of features that made Blackberry products such a success in the very first place.

The company filed a similar lawsuit against Facebook last year citing seven patents related to security, user interface features, battery-efficient status updates, mobile messaging in games and, silencing notifications. A few months later, Facebook filed a suit of its own, alleging the BlackBerry infringed on five of its patents.

From being one of the largest smartphone makers, BlackBerry has donned a new look now and it is basically into providing software and services for corporate and government clients. Its phones remain in the market because Chinese consumer electronics maker TCL pays Blackberry to use its brand name.

Source: TechCrunch

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BlackBerry files patent infringement lawsuit against Twitter
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