Twitter developing ‘Hide Tweet’ feature to help users protect their conversations  

In an important development, Twitter confirmed on Friday that it is developing a new ‘Hide Tweet’ feature that will give users the option to protect their conversations. As per a report by TechCrunch, the option spotted in Twitter’s code, is available from a list of moderation choices that appear when you click the “Share” button on a tweet.

Similarly, the “View Hidden Tweets” feature is also under development and this will help users to unhide the tweets that were previously hidden by the original poster. The new feature was first discovered by Jane Manchun who tweeted about it on Thursday. A Twitter employee confirmed that the company has been working on such a feature for quite some time.

While it seems to be a good option and it gives users greater control over their conversations, there are others who believe that it would give users the power to silence their critics as they could hide the tweets that they don’t’ like.

But on the flip side, the new feature will users the freedom to view the hidden replies and they will feel more comfortable while sharing tweets and this could impact user growth, which is of vital importance for Twitter. And this would also lead to less-vitriolic conversations as they know that their nastier tweets could be hidden.

This latest feature comes at a time when Twitter is facing immense criticism for the overall health of the platform and is trying its best to bring some moderation in the proceedings. “Hide Tweet” is a moderation action regarding the overall health of the conversation and it’s not a personal setting.

This is not the first time, Twitter is toying with the idea to hide disruptive tweets. The company introduced a filtering strategy in 2018 which takes into account various behavioral patterns and if Twitter feels that the tweet should be downranked it is moved under the “Show More Replies” option.

Source: TechCrunch 

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Twitter developing ‘Hide Tweet’ feature to help users protect their conversations  
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