Denver next in the line to test blockchain-based voting app Voatz

Denver next in the line to test blockchain-based voting app Voatz

Blockchain is slowly but steadily making its way into the mainstream psyche as more and more countries are adopting this innovation. In one such move, the city of Denver has revealed that it is going to implement the blockchain-based voting app Voatz in the municipal elections scheduled to be held in the month of May, according to a report by TechCrunch.

As per the report, it will be offered exclusively to active-duty military, their eligible dependents and overseas voters using their smartphones. The voters were notified via a newsletter that they can use the app and participate in the voting process. They just need to signup if they choose to participate in the process.

Voatz raised nearly $2.2 million last year and it claims that the startup has conducted more than 30 pilot projects already. One such pilot project was in West Virginia, which gave overseas citizens and members of the military stationed abroad access to Voatz to cast ballots on their phones.

Two of the pilot projects which were held in West Virginia were backed by Tusk philanthropies. Speaking to TechCrunch, Bradley Tusk said that more and more people need to be empowered politically from their phones. Until this happens the politicians will continue to respond to a smaller number of voters who show up at the polls.

Tusk also added that Voatz works and Tusk philanthropies have again invited Voatz to partner in Denver’s mobile voting initiative.

It is worthwhile to note here that Voatz is much more secure than the established norms which include the existing option for overseas military personnel, who often submit their votes via email. The whole process requires the ballot to be transmitted across 32 ‘permissioned’ computers before it is verified and validated and counted as a legitimate vote making it more secure and reliable.

According to the city of Denver, 4000 international citizens are eligible for the voting process and can use the app to cast their ballots.

Source: TechCrunch 

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Denver next in the line to test blockchain-based voting app Voatz
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