Germany will not exclude Huawei from 5G networks

Germany will not exclude Huawei from 5G networks

Germany will not exclude Huawei from its 5G networks, said Economy Minister Peter Altmaier. He added that instead of banning companies Berlin would make stricter security regulations for the companies.

“No, we will not want to exclude any company,” said Altmaier, according to a Reuters report. He said that the government will check all the components of the 5G network before implementation to prevent all violations against data protection rules.

Altmaier said that the government wouldn’t use its voting rights to fight against foreign technology because the construction of 5G networks is not a part of a merger or an acquisition.

Recently, Germany had announced that it would implement tougher regulations for telecom network equipment vendors. However, the government didn’t specify any company. It instead said the same rules apply to all suppliers.

Huawei has landed under the watchlist of many countries after the U.S alleged that the company is responsible for spying for the Chinese government.

The U.S Intelligence authorities believe that Huawei has connections with the Chinese government. They claimed that the company’s equipment could be used as snooping devices. Several countries including New Zealand, Australia and the UK are trying to shun the tech giant’s equipment such as banning govt companies from buying equipment from the Chinese tech firm.

The Chinese tech giant holds an important position in the development of 5G networks around the globe as it produces world-class telecom equipment among other things. U.S and China have locked horns in the 5G battle to see who will be the first to implement 5G in their respective countries.

Many top tech professionals are of the opinion that shunning Huawei equipment from 5G networks might cause a delay in its implementation as most telecom network operators employ Huawei equipment. Huawei equipment is one of the best and the most popular in the telecom arena.

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Germany will not exclude Huawei from 5G networks
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