Opera is back with VPN service for its Android browser

After going through a turbulent period in the last two years, it seems that Opera has finally found its groove and it seems to be heading in the right direction. The Norwegian company which is now in the hands of a Chinese consortium seems to be doing the right thing and concentrating on its mobile and desktop browsers, according to report by TechCrunch.

As per the report, Opera is now busy integrating the VPN service into its Android browser. The company began the testing of the beta version last month and now the Opera 51 version for Android enables users to establish a private connection between their mobile device and a remote VPN server using 256-bit encryption.

The new VPN in Opera for Android 51 will give users better security and greater control over the privacy matters, especially on unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

By offering an in-built VPN service, Opera hopes to win back some of the users that the browser lost to Google and China’s UC browser. Chrome continues to dominate the browsing space with 56.74 percent, whereas Safari is second with 21.29 percent. Opera which has only 3 percent of the market share has shown aggressive intent in the past few months and the browser also launched a browser-based Ethereum wallet last year.

“The fact is that users are exposed when they connect to public Wi-Fi without a VPN,” said Peter Wallman, senior vice president of Opera Browser for Android.

“By enabling Opera’s browser VPN service, users make it very difficult for third parties to steal pieces of their information and can avoid being tracked. Users no longer need to question if or how they can protect their personal information in these situations,” he added.

The company claims to have 300 million users across the globe and its latest browser version is currently available on Google Play which the company is planning to roll out gradually across the globe.

Source: TechCrunch

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Opera is back with VPN service for its Android browser
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