Facebook caught lying about Casmbridge Analytica

Facebook caught lying about Cambridge Analytica

Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal is becoming clearer with new ‘eye openers’. According to a redacted court filing, Facebook employees tried to notify other employees about Cambridge Analytica obtaining private data of the users from Facebook.

This news was first reported by TechCrunch.

The Cambridge Analytica data breach was made known to the public when an article appeared in the Guardian that researchers at Cambridge University collected data of millions of Facebook users to create psychographic profiles to target American voters with political messages.

The redacted court filing states that Facebook was trying to seal a document which contained an email chain from its D.C employees. The email chain signifies that multiple third-party applications accessed and sold consumer data in violation of Facebook’s policies in the U.S presidential election of 2016.

The document “also indicates the social networking giant knew of Cambridge Analytica’s improper data gathering practices before the news outlets reported on the issue.” The employees notified about the data breach scandal as early as 2015. The tech firm had told the lawmakers that it was aware of the data breach months later.

During the congressional testimony of Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, held last April, Congressman Mike Doyle asked him whether the article published by the Guardian about the data breach was the first time Facebook was notified of the data breach. Zuckerberg had said “yes” in reply to the query.

Facebook is facing multiple allegations related to data breach and data privacy issues. The firm has cases extending from U.S.A to Ireland. Also, new reports have surfaced which claims that user passwords were stored in plain text on their internal data storage systems. If in 2004 the social media mogul was praised for connecting people from around the world, in 2019, it is being reproached for betraying people’s trust.

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Facebook caught lying about Cambridge Analytica
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