Michael Kratsios elevated to the post of U.S. CTO by President Trump

Michael Kratsios elevated to the post of U.S. CTO by President Trump

For the first time under the Trump administration, the long-vacant post of the chief technology officer will have a new face, Michael Kratsios, as reported by Bloomberg. President Trump is elevating Michael Kratsios who is currently serving as the deputy U.S. CTO.

Kratsios, who is just 32 is relatively young and well connected and before joining the Trump administration in 2016 he served as the chief of staff at investment management firm Thiel Capital. The post of U.S. CTO was created under the Obama administration and three CTOS’ have served till now. The last person to serve as the CTO was Megan Smith who is well known for leading early acquisitions at Google before her move to Google.org.

The last two years have been somewhat bumpy for Kratsios and he has been in somewhat a tricky situation drafting policies for a President who doesn’t use email and has expressed hostility towards the biggest names in the technology arena. It is a well-known fact that Trump is not a big supporter of technology and has openly criticized technology giants like Facebook, Google, and Amazon.com. Yet many critics believe that Kratsios has done a credible job as the deputy CTO and will continue the good work in the future.

“It gives me some hope. I’ve had no conversations with him that make me think he’s partisan,” says Aneesh Chopra, a Democrat and the nation’s first CTO under President Obama.

While the technology bigwigs may not agree with Trump and his policies which are more on the conservative side, they’ve welcomed his moves calling for national action to develop technology, including AI and superfast 5G wireless networks.

“These initiatives will ensure the U.S. continues to grow and thrive,” says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

The same sense of optimism is echoed by Ginni Rometty, IBM CEO, who calls the move great news for America and gives Kratsios the credit for “strengthening America’s position as the leader in the emerging technologies space like quantum computing and artificial intelligence.”

Source: Bloomberg

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Michael Kratsios elevated to the post of U.S. CTO by President Trump
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