South Korea to become the first country to launch 5G services

South Korea to become the first country to launch 5G services

South Korea will be the first country to roll out 5G services, according to a Reuters report. The country plans to launch the much anticipated high-speed network on Friday with Samsung Electronics’ new 5G-enabled smartphone Galaxy S10.

While all eyes were focussed on the U.S. and China, South Korea has beaten the technology leaders and has become the first country with access to the brand new technology. The technology offers 20 times faster internet than 4G LTE [long term evolution] networks.

“It is meaningful that South Korean telecom companies are providing services and networks meeting South Korean customers’ high standard in speed and picture quality,” Ryu Young-sang, executive vice president at the country’s top mobile carrier SK Telecom.

The report states that SK carriers have spent billions to market the new technology. The company expects one million 5G customers by the year-end.

5G network development has created a commotion around the world as the U.S and China are engaged in a power brawl to see who will establish the technology first. The U.S raised security concerns against the Chinese tech giant, Huawei, alleging that the company’s telecommunications equipment was used as snooping devices to collect data for the Chinese government.

Huawei’s equipment is said to be important in the establishment of 5G networks as it is one of the leading manufacturers of telecommunications equipment. The U.S banned federal offices from using the Chinese tech firm’s equipment which put Huawei under the scrutiny of other countries as well. Some claim that the involvement of Huawei in 5G networks can expose a country to security issues.

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South Korea to become the first country to launch 5G services
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