Twitter users can now appeal directly against violation of guidelines within the app

In an interesting move on Wednesday, Twitter announced that users can now appeal directly within the Twitter app against tweets that are in violation of Twitter rules, as reported by TechCrunch. If someone posts a tweet which is in violation of the guidelines, the tweet can be flagged or reported resulting in the lockdown of the account. Things were different previously when users had to visit an online forum to appeal to Twitter’s decision.

There are many reasons and factors that can lead to the suspension of an account. Some of the reasons are spam, being a fake account, security risks (like hacked accounts) and abusive tweets or behaviour such as sending threats or impersonating other accounts.

Twitter now claims that it is able to get back to people much faster as a result of the fact that users can now choose to appeal from within the Twitter app itself the tweet in violation.

The new process is a simple one and can be used easily by users. In the new process, Twitter displays the tweet in violation and gives out the reason for determining why the tweet broke the rules. It mentions the rule in question along with a link to the policy. Users can either remove the tweet or they can appeal the violation.

It is worthwhile to note here that an appeal only is not enough to restore your suspended account and you will have to wait for the Twitter’s ruling. And it goes on for a really long time; you can just get back and delete the tweet in order to gain access to your account.

The social media giant is taking all the necessary steps to develop new ways to label tweets that violated abuse terms, so those who come across these tweets have a better understanding of the context when those tweets aren’t taken down. Twitter has also changed the way reported tweets are displayed also that the users are well aware of the reasons why the enforcement action has been taken.

Source: TechCrunch

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Twitter users can now appeal directly against violation of guidelines within the app
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