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Apple Music slashes subscription prices amidst tough competition

Well, it seems that the competition is growing in the Indian music streaming space with new entrants trying their best to carve a niche for themselves in this ever-evolving field. New players like YouTube and Spotify have entered the market and the old players are trying their best to hold on to their existing user base. In one such move, Gaana and JioSaavn reduced their prices of the annual premium subscription to Rs 299. Taking the cue from this Apple Music has also cut down its yearly subscription from 120 rupees per month ($1.73 USD) to 99 rupees per month ($1.43 USD), as reported by TechCrunch.

This move comes after The WSJ reported that Apple’s streaming music service surpassed Spotify in paid subscribers in the U.S., and the company was planning to do the same in the Indian market. In addition, the company has slashed the price of the Apple Music student plan from 60 rupees per month to 49 rupees; and the Family Plan is now 149 rupees per month versus the 190 rupees per month it was before the company decided to slash the prices. The news was first reported by The Indian Express on Friday.

India is a big market and growing market for any streaming service which is trying to expand its base and it also provides the cheapest data services in the world and all these factors make it a lucrative market for any company that provides streaming services.

Most of the leading players in the music streaming arena are flocking to India. Earlier in the month of March, YouTube launched YouTube Music and its paid subscription service, YouTube Premium. This came close on the heels of Amazon and Google, which already operate their music services in the region.

According to the Indian Express, Apple has customized the music in accordance with the Indian market and with playlists that feature local music, including those popular in regional languages like Malayalam and Tamil.

Apple Music slashes subscription prices amidst tough competition
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